Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Evil Racebaiter

I was quoted in a national newspaper yesterday on the subject of civility in internet discourse so I want to say this as delicately as possible.  Rush Limbaugh is a  400-pound pile of loosely organized human shit.  And the home-schooled, rapture-ready morons who lap up the effluent that flows from the open sewer that is his mouth like parched dogs are the best argument yet for compulsory sterilization of the chronically stupid.

In an incredibly racist diatribe about two black kids who beat up a white kid on a school bus, the Obese One casually remarked yesterday "This is what happens in Obama's America," as if teenagers had never behaved aggressively toward each other before the Black Guy became president.  His clear implication was that now that Obama is president black people somehow feel empowered to suddenly start beating up white people.  And, of course, in Limbaugh's lard-addled brain, a couple of white kids would NEVER do that to a black kid.  The irony is that the sheriff who originally reported this incident as being potentially racist later retracted his statement.  Turns out they were just a couple of school bus bullies who beat up anybody of any color who didn't ask their permission about where to sit.

So offensive was Limbaugh's rant that even Ron Dreher of the conservative beliefnet.com was compelled to call him on it in a post titled Rush Limbaugh hits racist bottom, digs.

It is amusing to watch Limbaugh and the other rightwing noisemakers twist themselves into knots with the old well-they-did-it-to-Bush attempt at moral equivalence.  The problem is that it is a lie.  Come back and talk me after you've provided one example of:

  • A protester showing up at a Bush rally carrying a gun
  • A liberal minister leading his flock in a prayer for Bush's death
  • A congressman calling Bush a liar while he was addressing the House
  • A poll from anywhere showing that one third of the liberals in a state thought George Bush was the anti-christ
Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and the other loudmouths who have made millions of dollars by exploiting the deepest racial and economic fears of the evangelical crowd have come awfully close lately to screaming fire in a crowded theater.   Do I want to censor them?  Of course, not.   Do I wish they were more responsible or more concerned about the evil demons they are empowering with their hate speech?   Of course.  Do I wish they would die a horrible death like Ted Kennedy?  Nope.

But, here's my fantasy.  I'd like to wake up some morning to the news that Rush Limbaugh has decided to take his millions from fleecing the rubes, an endless supply of Viagra and Oxycontin and moved to a private island in the Caribbean where he will live out his years sprawled on the sand like a beached Great White whale, rising only occasionally to have his elephantine loins and copious man-boobies oiled by little brown 12-year-old beach boys.  Think about it, Rush.  You owe it to yourself.  You've done enough to your country already.